Tuesday, October 06 2020 / Published in Equestrian, Gym
Jan Brons Dressage
Jan Brons is as no nonsense with himself as he is with his clients. After all, Dressage is a sport of exactness and precision — sometimes described as ballet on horseback.  Jan was born and trained in The Netherlands, a county world renowned for its horsemanship. He graduated from the Dutch Equestrian Center and is
Thursday, September 24 2020 / Published in Gym
getting started with strength training
What brought you to this page? Are you curious about strength training for yourself or someone you love? Perhaps you’ve experienced a decline in physical fitness under lockdown. Or maybe you’re recovering from an injury or just wish you were stronger. Whether it’s one of these things or something else, welcome. We’re excited you’re here.
Friday, August 28 2020 / Published in Gym
personal trainer
Resilient Fitness recently had the pleasure of welcoming Esiah to our personal training staff. He is an electrifying combination of athletic ability and personal training expertise.  Esiah received his Master Trainer Certification from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in 2009 and has been working as a professional personal trainer ever since. ISSA’s Master Trainer
Friday, July 31 2020 / Published in Gym, Nutrition
recovery after exercise
Are you as intentional about your recovery as you are your workout? If you’ve been exercising for any length of time, you’ve probably dealt with issues such as motivation, workout design, cross-training, and endurance. It’s easy to focus on those because they are the most pro-active…leading you one step a time toward your goals.  But
Thursday, July 09 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
One of Jesus’ most well-known teachings is this, “So always treat others as you would like them to treat you; that is the meaning of the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12 Many are so sure that they are ready to stand before Him but they don’t see their hearts towards others. They are still
Thursday, June 18 2020 / Published in Gym
how to choose a personal trainer
It’s time. After too much locking-down and too little leveling-up, you know there’s no way you’re going to be ready for your future beaches, mountains, and trails without help. You’re seriously considering hiring a personal trainer and we applaud that. Working with a personal trainer will make you more motivated and accountable, maximize your time
Tuesday, April 21 2020 / Published in Equestrian
polo player matt coppola
American polo player Matt Coppola talked with us about his off-horse training and how he is staying fit during the USPA April 2020 hiatus. What is the core of your off-horse physical training? When I’m in town, I work out five days a week with Will – personal trainer at Resilient Fitness. I’ve been training
Wednesday, March 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
This morning, I HAVE GREAT NEWS FROM HEAVEN. FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE ONLY IN JESUS CHRIST. Jesus has already decreed from His glory, By the end of March, it will end. You may ask, how? April is PASSOVER, FROM DEATH TO LIFE. Jesus showed me The tree of life and I saw the leaves in
Wednesday, March 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
Many cleave to the news and lies are filtered through the news. Please drown that desire and stay turned to Me. The news will do nothing but confuse you and spread fear. Stay in tune into Me, Keep Me company and nothing will catch you by surprise. All this is a distraction to the elections
Tuesday, February 18 2020 / Published in Gym
Set reminders to exercise
Are you still keeping your annual commitment to yourself? You know, the one you made in January. If your honest answer is no, we want to invite you to join the Resilient 100 Club. It’s so easy it’s brilliant. All you do is check into the gym 100 times this year and you’re a member.