Wednesday, March 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
This morning, I HAVE GREAT NEWS FROM HEAVEN. FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE ONLY IN JESUS CHRIST. Jesus has already decreed from His glory, By the end of March, it will end. You may ask, how? April is PASSOVER, FROM DEATH TO LIFE. Jesus showed me The tree of life and I saw the leaves in
Wednesday, March 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
Many cleave to the news and lies are filtered through the news. Please drown that desire and stay turned to Me. The news will do nothing but confuse you and spread fear. Stay in tune into Me, Keep Me company and nothing will catch you by surprise. All this is a distraction to the elections
Tuesday, February 18 2020 / Published in Gym
Set reminders to exercise
Are you still keeping your annual commitment to yourself? You know, the one you made in January. If your honest answer is no, we want to invite you to join the Resilient 100 Club. It’s so easy it’s brilliant. All you do is check into the gym 100 times this year and you’re a member.
Saturday, February 01 2020 / Published in News
In and around wellington
By Cheryl Love I’ve lived in Wellington for seven years and it has become home. It has that small town feel and the village has so much to offer. Everyone here has their favorite places. They may be the places where they spend time on a daily basis, or the places they return to regularly
Thursday, December 26 2019 / Published in Gym
physical fitness in 2020
Let’s get in front of those physical fitness New Year’s resolutions, shall we? People who make resolutions in January have only a 20% chance of keeping them, which isn’t surprising given that it can take two to eight months to form a new habit. Habits resist being changed. This can lead to inconsistency and failure.
Wednesday, December 11 2019 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
Do you want to be right or Do you want to be in relationship? Now I want to talk about “forgiveness.” Too many have disregard for each other – little patience, little respect. This is all leading to strife. It leads to discontent, hurt feelings. MY children are selfish. They want to be first in
Friday, December 06 2019 / Published in Gym
Resilient Fitness personal trainer
Everybody secretly – or not so secretly – wants to be in better physical shape. It affects how you’re perceived in the culture and how you think of yourself. If you want to win…over injury …over atrophy…or just over your own perceived limitations, you can do it. Will, a personal trainer and CrossFit coach, is
Friday, November 15 2019 / Published in Equestrian
Winter Equestrian Festival
The Winter Equestrian Festival will be starting in just a few weeks. While most equestrian athletes train year-round, focused conditioning in the weeks leading up to an event will ensure that your body is ready to meet the demands you are about to make on it. Riding makes demands on several specific muscle groups including
Tuesday, October 22 2019 / Published in Equestrian, Gym
equestrian fitness trainer
With the Winter Equestrian Festival and the 2020 Polo Tournament right around the corner, we took the time to chat with expert equestrian trainer, Diego Piriz. Diego has been training riders since 2007. He worked for the International Polo Club for more than six years and now works as a personal trainer trainer serving individual
Friday, August 16 2019 / Published in Gym
abs workout
Lately, it seems that everyone’s goal is to find the perfect abs workout. When you search Google for “abs workout” you have a choice of 13.2M links to click on. On the first two pages you will find the word “best” used 5 times, the word “core” used 6 times, and the phrase “six pack”