There are tons of exercises you could use to develop the glutes. One search on youtube for “glute exercises” yields 124,000 results.


But lets be honest we don’t have enough time to test them all out, nor do you have time to learn the correct form and technique on your own. That’s why its important to proper training instruction from a professional your cut the learning curve in half a speed up results drastically then going trying to figure it all yourself.

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Now on to this unknown move for blasting the glutes and building a stronger sexier posterior…….

Its called a landmine squat & RDL its a combination move that combines two of the best leg exercises there is with a highly effective yet underappreciated tool, the landmine.

Using this set up you’re able to blast the glutes but also the quadriceps, hamstrings and erector spine muscle (the lower back region). This also helps develop strength in key areas to prevent lower back pain and allows for practice on very important function movement patterns without having to load your back with a barbell.

Use this move to add strength and size to your glutes and the other major muscle in the legs (hamstrings and quadriceps).


  • Keep a straight back for the RDL
  • Squeeze your glutes at the bottom when your back is parallel with the ground to come back up.
  • Use a V grip attachment to make grabbing the bar much much easier.

Landmine Squat/RDL Workout

4 sets 5,7,10,12

(start heavy then subtract weight every set)