6 Reasons Why a Trainer Could 10X Your Fitness Results

Nov 1, 2018 | Gym


How exactly can you make a RAPID change in the way you look, feel and think about yourself and your body?

The answer is simple and its one that the most successful people know and have used to create amazing results in their lives and bodies.

So how can you get results fast, get in shape, get healthy and with the least amount of time wasted?

The true answer is this:
Find someone that has done exactly what you’re after and follow what they did.

Easy right?

That probably was not were expecting but its the truth, the fastest way to see change is to get someone who’s already doing it.

Think about it they have already made the unforeseen mistakes, the pitfalls the hiccups and battled problems along the journey because they have already done it!

The truth you need a coach that has produced results with people like yourself in the past and has a system in place for replicating those results with you.
In fitness, its no different, finding someone with a proven track record and a system is a sure fire way to get on the path towards success.

Here’s why
#1 A coach is better than a mirror.
Ever thought you were doing something wrong until you saw someone else doing it? Then come to find out you were wrong the whole time?
The mirror won’t give you the verbal feedback about your form and technique it will only show you what your doing regardless of whether its right or wrong…

This could lead to muscular imbalances, injury or posture issues in the near future. What you don’t know DOES hurt you.  Too many times people let their ego’s do the lifting. Or their too shy to ask for help. At Get Fit all of our trainer will happily show you anything your unsure of. Whether its a new exercise or a piece of equipment.

Don’t do more damage than good. Get some help and get better!

#2 Accountability.
How many times has this happened? You get to work with a big day planned, lunch with colleagues, a big report to finish up then the gym after!
By the time 4 pm rolls around your ready to throw in the towel on the whole entire day, there’s not way you’ll be able to get yourself to the gym, have a good workout and still have enough energy to take a shower….

Now if you had a an appointment the chances of you failing to meet that obligation are FAR less likely.
Accountability = Less missed workouts = more results.

#3 You learn useful stuff that you can use to help other and impress your friends with
Lets be honest, looking like you know what your doing in the gym stokes the ego, so does being looked at as the “authority figure” among family, friends and co-workers. Having a trainer is a shortcut to having tons on the actionable knowledge you can help others with and showoff from time to time.

#4 They push up outside of the comfort zone
We all know our own limits and where we can and will not go. Trainers don’t necessarily know exactly where that threshold is. That little push just outside of the comfort zone over time can have a huge impact on your results.

#5 They keep you from hitting road blocks.
Ever wonder why you stopped losing weight? Or why you stopped building muscle? Proper planning and programming is where a trainer earns his or her due. The right program and progression can keep your progress from stalling and keep you always moving the needle in the right direction.

#6 They keep things new and interesting
No one comes into the gym ready for boring workout…Having a coach or trainer gives you the opportunity to experience new styles of training, from yoga to kickboxing to strength conditioning. Exercise is supposed to be fun, if its boring your less likely to stick with it. Clients love it when we flip the switch and experiment with new gymnastics or bodyweight training then transition into bootcamp style or crossfit training methods. The variation keeps them guessing and keeps the training fun.

Find someone who’s done what you want to do or has produced the results your seeking! Don’t try to do it on your own, get help and get on track towards a complete body transformation this coming year!


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