Thursday, July 09 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
One of Jesus’ most well-known teachings is this, “So always treat others as you would like them to treat you; that is the meaning of the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12 Many are so sure that they are ready to stand before Him but they don’t see their hearts towards others. They are still
Wednesday, March 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
This morning, I HAVE GREAT NEWS FROM HEAVEN. FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE ONLY IN JESUS CHRIST. Jesus has already decreed from His glory, By the end of March, it will end. You may ask, how? April is PASSOVER, FROM DEATH TO LIFE. Jesus showed me The tree of life and I saw the leaves in
Wednesday, March 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
Many cleave to the news and lies are filtered through the news. Please drown that desire and stay turned to Me. The news will do nothing but confuse you and spread fear. Stay in tune into Me, Keep Me company and nothing will catch you by surprise. All this is a distraction to the elections
Tuesday, February 25 2020 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
Grace, Perseverance and rest and peace. I want to heal your wounds – those wounds inflicted by broken promises. Many of your wounds are battle scars. You got those wounds by My hands. You perceived My promises to be broken because what I said, did not come to pass. What happened with regards to your
Wednesday, December 11 2019 / Published in Resilient Inspiration
Do you want to be right or Do you want to be in relationship? Now I want to talk about “forgiveness.” Too many have disregard for each other – little patience, little respect. This is all leading to strife. It leads to discontent, hurt feelings. MY children are selfish. They want to be first in