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Queenax Functional Training Classes

Take on a royally challenging workout with this highly effective functional training system. What makes Queenax unique is its use of every possible space, from the walls to the floor to the ceiling itself. Resilient offers a range of equipment training sessions all on one multipurpose frame, which means your workout can include anything from suspension training to boxing rings and dip bars and more. The options are endless!

Queenax Q & A

What is Queenax?

It’s a modular functional and suspension training system developed by Precor. Queenax uses every inch of room surface: floor, walls, ceiling. You can do weight training, resistance exercises, and suspension training all in one space.

What is functional training?

Functional training is a fancy phrase for working out in real life situations. It incorporates the common movements of your sport or lifestyle. It’s designed to keep you from throwing your back out doing normal every day activities like bending over. Instead of isolating certain muscle groups, functional training works all of your muscles together the way they are intended to work. Queenax is perfect for functional training because you mimic the movements of everyday living during your workout.

What is suspension training?

Suspension training is a suspended bodyweight training system. It is “an approach to strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing called a ‘suspension trainer’ to allow users to work against their own body weight.” (Wikipedia) It’s a low impact workout that helps to develop core body strength using functional movements.

Is Queenax just the latest fad?

Not at all. A better word to use would be “trend”. It’s a new way of working out that brings you benefits you can’t get with traditional exercise. We invested in the Queenax system because we want our members to have the very best gym experience.



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