The world of gym apparel has not been generally known for it’s beauty and leading-edge style. This is why we are so pleased to partner with Lovely Salt — a boutique which offers a unique fashion encounter. They offer one-of-a-kind clothing, and accessories handmade by local designers and artists. Each and every piece is uniquely created and cannot be found anywhere else.


At Lovely Salt, our focus is to create a fitness & wellness center that is not like others around. We don’t look at fashion as a vanity but rather a necessity. Our owner, Kiki Simon, worked as a fashion stylist at Bloomingdales for 11 years. Her background gives her the experience to help people gain confidence in the way they look (fashion) and feel (health).

Why do people workout? To be healthier, look better, and feel more confident. All these things fall into place with beautifully designed fashion. This is why we have a boutique inside a fitness center — to combine health, beauty, and fitness.

The Lovely Salt activewear line for Resilient Fitness includes several stylish, comfortable items. There is a Resilient men’s crew neck t-shirt in red, navy, white or gray. And for women there is a navy blue sleeveless hoodie, a tank with Resilient silver wings, and a crop top with Resilient navy wings. For women who want beautiful gym apparel, Lovely Salt fits the ticket. And men, we invite you to stop in after your workout to look for something unique for your wife or daughter or any of the other women in your lives.