Resilient Fitness has top of the line personal trainers with years of experience and specialized fitness expertise. We know that everyone is different and approach our members as individuals, working 1-on-1 to ensure your workout plan is built for you. We go the extra mile to understand your lifestyle, diet, and fitness goals. Give us a call or stop in today and meet any one of our amazing personal trainers.


“These trainers know how to deliver the results I was looking for. I’ve worked with plenty but Cheryl and her crew are the real deal!”

Steve S.

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Certified Personal Trainers

Individual Personal Training

Before you begin a personal training program, you will first undergo a “Personal Resilient Analysis”. We work to understand your needs and goals and do some fitness tests like body composition analysis. If your goal is to decrease body fat and build lean muscle, your personal trainer will set a goal weight and body fat and tell you how much fat you need to lose and how much muscle you need to gain to reach your goals. We can also give you a timeline on how long it will take to reach your goals.

Finally, we critique your current diet and exercise program and educate you on things like caloric need, meal frequency, carbohydrate metabolism, protein needs, timing & balancing meals, anaerobic versus aerobic exercise, and target heart rate.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Training gives you flexibility in scheduling while also being gentler on your pocketbook. Small Group Training classes have a maximum of 5-7 people at a time and also follow an individualized program that meets the member’s specific needs.

Monday-Friday: 7am-1pm & 3pm-8pm

Saturday: 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am


Resilient Fitness Manager

Brandon Ray Sellnow is a distinguished gym manager and coach at Resilient Fitness, boasting a 15-year track record in coaching, training, and gym management. With a comprehensive background in multiple sports and a dedicated active lifestyle, Brandon brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his coaching approach. Having competed in six bodybuilding competitions, he has honed his expertise in getting individuals into contest shape and condition, guiding numerous clients through successful transformations. Furthermore, Brandon holds certifications in life coaching, sports nutrition, and personal trining, underpinning his commitment to a holistic approach to well-being and performance. Recognizing that each individual journey is unique, he pledges unwavering support and guidance to clients, assuring them that their investment will yield meaningful results.

In his leisure time, Brandon remains deeply immersed in activities that reflect his passion for fitness, dedicating himself to continual self-improvement and an active lifestyle. Additionally, he indulges in his love for various sports, with football holding a special place in his heart.


Resilient Fitness Trainer

Erica’s desire to do what she loves landed her in the fitness industry over 20 years ago. Her passion began with a love of dance. Erica danced throughout her youth and began teaching dance to younger students at the age of 14. While pursuing her degree in health and exercise science, Erica began teaching group fitness on her college campus. This is where she found her passion for teaching movement and proper body mechanics.

Throughout her career she has instructed in many formats and modes of exercise, both in group settings and individualized training. She has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association since 1999. She has certifications in mat Pilates, yoga, and cycling as well.


Resilient Fitness Trainer

Alec has been passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition since 14 years old. He recently graduated from Duke University. During his time there, he worked with the Sports Nutrition team in Duke Athletics, providing nutrition advice to the athletes on the Duke sports teams. Through his training, Alec has experience with traditional resistance training, endurance sports such as marathons and triathalons, and most recently, CrossFit. Alex aslo knows mobility and Olympic lifting. Alec is happy to work with anyone on various goals, whether performance-based, health-based, or anything else!

Alec is an avid sports fan (Go Yankess) and loves spending his time attending local sporting events. He has come a long way on his fitness jouirney and is EXCITED to HELP others do the same.


Resilient Fitness Trainer

Austin’s passion for health and wellness has landed him here at Resilient as one of our Personal Trainers and Administrative Staff. In 2020, he graduated from FAU with a Bachelors in Multimedia & Communication Studies and went straight into the Insurance Sales industry for 3 years. During his time in sales, he realized his calling was elsewhere. Offering resources to help individuals reach their fitness goals and healthy lifestyle is what gets him out of bed in the morning! With a combination of strength, resistance and cardiovascular training – Austiin pays claose attention to detail during 1 on 1 sessions and/or out fitness classes offered here at Resilient. Say hello if you ever see him on the floor and feel free to ask for more details on what he has to offer and see if it fots your needs!

Austin is also a big fan of all sports and the outdoors! He spends most of his time outside of the club with family and friends fishing, playing pickleball, cooking and of course exercising!


Resilient Fitness Trainer

I am a Functional Fitness Coach with 8 years of professional experience. However, my journey started at the age of 17 years old; weighing 300 pounds and living an unhealthy lifestyle. I decided if I didn’t change, I would end up losing opportunities because I did not have the ability to complete simple tasks and daily objectives. So, I made the change. At the age of 19, I joined the US Army at 178 pounds and was able to complete my PT Test before leaving for Basic Training.

Since then, my goal has been to improve my own understanding of my own body. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of working with just about every demographic. Professional athletes who play on the world’s largest stage, to overworked parents who are trying to stay in shape for themselves and family. From an aging senior trying to maintain independence and improve strength and mobility, to a youth trying to build their athletic base at the beginning of their sports journey. My real passion is coaching Functional Fitness Classes or “Boot Camps”. It helps create a community of individuals who are confident in their ability to live an active lifestyle and make changes to their health that last.


Resilient Fitness Trainer

Erica Boliek has been a competitive athlete her entire life. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Physician Assistant. She has been a Certified Running & Spin coach since 2006 with various studios and fitness facilities. She was previously at PowerOne Cycling Studio, owner/operator cranking it out and having a blast since 2016, and prior with LA Fitness and the YAMCAs.

She is Certified StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor as well. When she is not coaching, lifting, or enjoying other fun things like rock climbing, skiing, or paddle boarding, you will finmd her at her full-time position as a Physician Assistant for Hass Plastic Surgery here in West Palm Beach, Florida. Erica’s favorite saying is “mind over matter”, so if you think it, you can do it, so just give it a try! She will support you along the way and offer any guidance for a healthy lifestyle and provide positive energy!


Resilient Fitness Trainer

Laura has 25 years of professional experience in the sports performance, fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, and counseling industries. She has been the fitness director and master fitness trainer for 5 star resorts, private country clubs, corporations, college and professional athletes, medical and rehabilitation health & wellness center, Department of Defense Special Operations Joint Forces Military facilities. Ms. Mater has provided fitness and nutrition services in 4 countries and 7 states. In addition to undergraduate studies in exercise physiology and corporate health and wellness promotions she also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. Laura is also a Licensed Florida Realtor and is a member of Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Women of Wellington.

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