Small group personal training is a customized program of personalized instruction in a small group setting. At Resilient we typically work with four to six participants at a time. We believe this size is large enough to be fun but small enough to be effective. During the session, your personal trainer observes your workout, corrects your movements, and helps you to advance at your own rate of speed.

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Small Group Training

Small group training gives you access to the expertise of a trainer at a price that is gentler on your wallet. The benefits of working with a group include increased motivation, the lift of group energy, and new friendships.

If you feel stalled in your fitness progress, small group personal training may be just the boost you need to move to the next level. Our personal trainers are certified, experienced, and highly qualified. The will motivate you, educate you, encourage you, and support you. They will keep you from falling into bad habits and give you the accountability you need to keep your promises to yourself.

If you want the benefits of personal training in a group class, get in here to see us for a free personal evaluation and to get your name on the roster for a small group training class.

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