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Bachata Fitness Classes

Combining a fitness workout with sexy and fun partner dancing. This bachata dance class is essential for becoming a well rounded Latin dancer, and to get you ready to step onto any Salsa floor with ease, knowing you’re ready to get close and sexy when the beautiful Bachata music comes on.

Bachata Q & A

What is Bachata?
It's a style of dance from the Dominican Republic. Just knowing that much should be an incentive to try it. Especially when you learn that it has it's own beautiful and rhythmic music. When you add in the many hidden health benefits of dancing, it's a no brainer.

Who should consider dancing for exercise?
Dancing is for anyone and everyone. However, you should especially consider it if you are new to exercise or are not in your best physical condition. The movements will gradually increase your endurance and mobility, using every muscle in your body. Beyond that, the sheer enjoyment of the dance will give your brain a boost. If you're having a good time, you are more likely to stick to your fitness goals.

Can anyone do it?
Bachata is fun and easy to learn. Every class starts with a warm up and includes mostly basic dance steps. After a little practice, you'll feel like you've been dancing the Bachata for years. There is a reason that this style of dance has become one of the most popular in the world. Once you start, you won't be able to stop. Come alone or with a partner.

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