Core Workouts

Feb 22, 2019 | Gym

If you are intent on building a strong core then you know you need a great abs workout and other core strengthening exercises. Focusing on your essential mid-section will sculpt your abs, back, chest and butt while improving your body’s overall functional strength, balance, and coordination. Core workouts hit all the muscles that support your spine. These muscles are responsible for posture and provide strength for all your physical activities.

Your core is made up of many muscles, all of which support every other part of your body. A strong core helps with balance and posture. It can reduce pain, especially in the lower back, and prevents injuries.

Why do I need a core workout?
For starters, a strong flexible core makes it easier to go about your daily activities. Then, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, your performance will improve in direct proportion to the strength of your core.

I’ve never worked my core before. Where do I start?
The best core exercises work the entire torso at the same time. While we have a number of good options for people who want to target this key area, if you’re new to core workouts, contact us for a core assessment before getting started. As you begin to notice the benefits, you’ll probably feel like you want to work these muscles every day. However, it’s best to alternate core workouts with other exercises such as cardio and pilates. If you work your core every 2-3 days, you’ll notice the difference.

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