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Feb 18, 2021 | Gym

It’s February. Is your commitment to exercise waning? Do you need a little boost of something different so you can stay committed? 

If so, you’re not alone. According to U.S. News & World Report, “Come the first of January, the hoards of enthusiastic resolutions-ers account for the swelling number of gym, yoga and Pilates memberships…By the second week of February, some 80 percent of those resolution-ers are back home with a new kind of remorse staring back at them in the mirror.” 

The fitness app, Strava, analyzed more than 30 million activities and found that most people fail their first resolution in mid-January. If that’s you, you’re not alone. So, do you want to get excited about going to the gym again?

Then it’s time to take a look at small group personal training. Small group training offers you the motivation of teamwork combined with a personalized experience tailored to your needs. It introduces variety into your workouts while allowing you to achieve your fitness goals faster. It gives you the attention to detail that comes with a regular one-on-one personal training session, but at a lower cost.

The affordability isn’t the only benefit of small group personal training. There are also aspects of this specific way of training that can make it more effective for many people: accountability, specialized training, access to expertise, motivation, and esprit de corps.


Accountability may be the #1 reason for failing to stick to a diet and exercise program. In a small group training class, not only do you have the personal trainer monitoring your progress and encouraging you to move forward, you also have the other members of the group watching your progress and cheering you on. If you’re not there, you will be missed.

Specialized Training

In larger classes, there is limited opportunity for the instructor to provide you with individual attention. Small group training provides enough attentiveness and focus from the trainer so that you can advance. You get personalized adjustments to your routine and recommendations for new exercises. This allows you to experience a wide range of exercises so you don’t get bored.

Access To Expertise

Personal trainers offer a high level of expertise and knowledge. A personal trainer teaches you how to do the exercises correctly and avoid injury. There is also plenty of time to interact with the trainer during a small group training class. Whether you’re learning to use a new piece of equipment or working a new muscle group, the personalized time will make sure you get the most out of that activity.


It’s hard to develop new habits if you’re on your own. Being part of a small group helps to keep you motivated as you train, because there are elements of fun and healthy competition involved. In addition, there’s nowhere to hide when you are part of a team. You have made an appointment to be with a group of people to be with them at a certain time. They’re waiting for you and will miss you if you’re not there. 

Esprit De Cours

Working out with others gives you the benefit of team synergy and creates a sense of community. One of the best parts of small group training is the social aspect where you make new friends and share in the victories of better health and fitness. You’re all in it together.

You already know that you’re more likely to see results if you work out with others than if you try to work out on your own. Results happen over time and committing to group training also commits you to the time needed to see progress.

At Resilient Fitness, small group training classes are large enough to be fun and small enough to offer a high quality of personalized instruction. Recharge your desire. Visit our small group training page to learn more, or call us at (561) 204-5033.

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