Grace, Perseverance and rest and peace.

Feb 25, 2020 | Resilient Inspiration

Grace, Perseverance and rest and peace.

I want to heal your wounds – those wounds inflicted by broken promises. Many of your wounds are battle scars. You got those wounds by My hands. You perceived My promises to be broken because what I said, did not come to pass. What happened with regards to your promises is that I tested you. In being tested you are on a battlefield and you get hurt there. I also got hurt on My testing ground – giving My life on the cross for you. I got hurt, but I completed the test and because I completed the test many, many people can be blessed because of My obedience to the Father. I persevered and completed the test. I was tested by the Father and likewise you will also be tested by the Father if you received a promise from Him. You will be tested and it can be painful. But if you persevere in the trials, you will overcome and you will receive your crown and your promise. I will then heal those wounds and bind up your heart for I will give you new oil and new wine. You will know that I AM for you and not against you.”

Know this – you will get tested according to the measure of your promise. Ask Me to help you so that you learn to persevere, because you are going to need it in the end-time. PERSEVERANCE!”

“I want to bless you, My people, but in order to bless you, I need to test you, because My blessing comes with authority. If your character is not tested you cannot carry authority. As you overcome, your character is shaped in My image, because I overcame the world. I can bless you if you overcome. The overcomers are My strong ones. The ones who love Me and fear Me above all else. Those that pass this test of loving and fearing Me, even if nothing will come of it, those ones will soar with Me like eagles – because they’ve waited on Me. Blessed are you if you go through all trials and tests.

If you are not sure what I am busy with in your life, ask Me. I will reveal to you what I am doing in and through you.

The Lord said: “I am busy testing My people. The coals are My people in the fire. The fire is hot, therefore know that if you find yourself in uncomfortable circumstances, you are in the coals of the fire, being tested to see what is inside of you. It will hurt and you will cry out to Me and I will give you My peace in this testing time. If you overcome this coal-in-the-fire test, I will give you authority. You will have this authority because you overcame yourself and the situation and kept your heart pure. This coal test is not like a silver or gold or bronze test. It is merely a coal fire, which will burn to ashes. This test will determine if you will love Me and fear Me above all else, even if you see nothing coming from your test or your circumstances.

I am keeping My eye on My children, those who allow Me to mold them into My image. Ask Me for perseverance and grace to get you through this test. For this is the ultimate test you need to face. Will you still love Me and fear Me even if the circumstances that you currently have are approved by Me? Like My servant Job, his ultimate test was to see if he can still love Me after all I allowed. This kind of test, if you overcome the obstacle, will bear fruit forever and I will restore double to you like I did for My servant Job.

by Andre Kofi Akyere
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