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Feb 18, 2020 | Gym

Are you still keeping your annual commitment to yourself? You know, the one you made in January.

If your honest answer is no, we want to invite you to join the Resilient 100 Club. It’s so easy it’s brilliant. All you do is check into the gym 100 times this year and you’re a member. That’s it.

As with all new behaviors, you need a strategy for turning them into habits. Here’s what we recommend.

1. Set some goals in addition to hitting the gym. This might involve registering to run a 10K in the fall or getting ready to really enjoy your summer vacation in Colorado. Make it go beyond just coming into the gym twice a week, and all about what you want to do with your healthier body.

2. Put your gym visits on your to-do list. You’ll get a dopamine hit from the exercise and from checking the visit off your list.

3. Add your gym visits to your personal and work calendars and set up a reminder system that will ping you before you get into the car and buckle your seat belt. If you know Resilient Fitness is your next stop before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it, you’re more likely to be successful. Then, choose a word — such as “excellence”, “focus”, “action”, “mission”, etc. — that will motivate you and add it to your calendar entry.

4. Make it social. If you don’t already have a gym buddy now is a good time to find one. Having a human support system is a proven way of achieving goals. If no one you know wants to exercise, you can join one of our classes. Or announce your intentions on social media so that there are people who will know if you don’t go.

5. Give yourself rewards, especially in the beginning. The first six weeks will be the hardest so you might need some positive reinforcement after each visit. But we assure you, before you know it, coming to the gym will be it’s own reward.

6. Track your progress. This is the easiest part because we’ll do that for you and let you know how you’re doing.

So now we challenge you. Declare your commitment and sign up for the Resilient 100 Club. Once you achieve that magic number, you’ll get the official T-shirt of the club and be able to show everyone that you did it.

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