Love Is A Fortress of Safety

Mar 25, 2020 | Resilient Inspiration

Many cleave to the news and lies are filtered through the news. Please drown that desire and stay turned to Me. The news will do nothing but confuse you and spread fear. Stay in tune into Me, Keep Me company and nothing will catch you by surprise. All this is a distraction to the elections in America. Do not panic, Do not panic, rather provoke prayer and tell my people that prayer is where the power lies from a sincere and holy life

Some will respond to the easy things like buying supplements and others will take Me seriously and respond in repentance. Repentance and a heart that is serious about pleasing Me will be a very strong protection against this virus. Do not stop giving to the poor, visiting the sick and those in prison. Love is a fortress of safety.

By April, The coronavirus will disappear and a cure will be found in a plant. Use psalm 91 daily during these times and do not fear, I have given you the spirit of love, power and sound mind. After every storm cones the greatest blessings.

by Andre Kofi Akyere

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