The Ultimate Back Workout

Nov 1, 2018 | Gym

Push yourself to a new limit and unlock new lean muscle growth just in time for the new year with this back workout!

Same lettered exercises means superset the exercises


A1. Yates Rows 4 sets 10,8, 6,6 (add weight each)

B1. Hammer Strength Horizontal Rows 3 sets 8

B2. Sumo Deadlifts 4 sets 8

C1. Dumbbell Single Arm Rows 5 sets 8

D1. Seated Cable Rows 4 sets 15,12,10,10

D2. V Grip Lat Pull Down 4 sets 10

E1. Dumbbell Pullovers 3 sets 12

F1. Pull Ups 3 sets 6-8


Tis The Season For Avoiding Fat and Building Muscle…

Why so high volume? The holidays are here so that means you will probably be going to a few holiday event, indulging in some holiday treats and sipping on some eggnog.

Increasing you exercise volume will help prevent some of the fat gain and put those calories to use towards building more lean muscle!

Tip: increase the volume (reps or sets) of your training if you know your going to be enjoying some extra holiday sweets. Cutting the rest by 15 to 20 seconds will also produce a more challenging and time efficient workout as well.

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